Picture the World

My world building includes taking snapshots. Here are a few.” — Melissa Marr


I developed a fixation on creatures to mount on Irial’s door. This one is in London’s Highgate Cemetery.

London, Englad

Milan, Italy

Rome, Italy

My mental snapshot (and actual snapshot) of how I picture the graveyard where the gate to Faerie is. It’s not lush and lovely like Highgate, but a semitidy, semiforgotten graveyard where some stones are tilting, but the general pathways are passable.

In a graveyard in Deadwood, SD. The town, the woods, and the mountains were sprawled out like an invitation. Influences: Ani and Dev’s roadtripping.

This fountain in San Diego (and others like it) are my mental source for the images of water-made creatures (like Aobheall in Radiant Shadows and the fountain dwellers in Wicked Lovely).


This is one of 15 photos of trains taken between when I started Wicked Lovely and when I wrote Ink Exchange. This is how I pictured Seth’s home.



Provided this image to the artist working on Desert Tales for the feel of where Rika lives.



How I picture the outside of Rath (a brick building, but with steel handrails so faeries don’t linger outside)


Path outside Donia’s cottage


Outside Donia’s cottage (including the tree where Evan stands and keeps watch).